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Clementine Paperback

February 5, 2012 - 10:59 pm Comments Off

Ladies, gentlemen, and the otherwise affiliated … it can finally be revealed: Yes, there is a trade paperback edition of Clementine! Or rather, there’s about to be. No, I swear. It’s true! You see, sometime later this month Subterranean Press will unveil a major revamp of its website – and in the wake of that launch, you’ll be able to nab a copy of this slim steampunk adventure for your very own.

Seriously, I’m relieved. I get a lot of hate mail from people who want to beat me with a stick for pricing the Clementine hardback at such ridiculous levels … which is a hoot, because I’ve done no such thing. My publisher did no such thing. The book sold out, that’s all – and collectors be collectin’. There’s jack squat I can do about it …

… except badger my publisher for a cheaper, more plentiful paperback edition, yay!

So here’s the deal – you can wait for the Subterranean launch and order from their website at that time, or you can essentially preorder over on via this link right here. And then be just a tad bit patient.

That, my friends, is all there is to it!