Engines of Destruction

July 10, 2009 - 4:25 am No Comments

Welcome to the official webpage of The Clockwork Century, an alternate-history world setting created by Cherie Priest.

Here, it is 1880 (or thereabouts). The Civil War is still underway, drawn out by English interference, a different transportation infrastructure, and a powerful Republic of Texas that discovered oil at Spindletop some fifty years sooner than real life allowed.

The competition of war has led to technological progress and horrors unimaginable, and many people have fled the combating states, hoping for an easier life out west.

Some of them have found it.
Some have found something else.

So stay tuned. This site will be updated periodically with publication information, upcoming plans, short stories, and every sort of related and pertinent miscellany. In fact, if you scroll down past this entry, you’ll find all the new content as it appears. Or, you can dive right into sample reading!

Thanks for stopping by, and welcome aboard!

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