General update

November 16, 2009 - 2:09 am No Comments

  • People have been emailing to ask where to find copies of Boneshaker here in Seattle. Apparently it’s been selling out around town (which is a good thing), and people can’t find it (which is a bad thing). Let it now be known: both the Barnes & Noble locations at Pacific Place and Northgate are well stocked with copies, all of which are signed; and likewise, the University Book Store in the U-district has a stash of signed copies (at the moment, as of this posting). Please, have at.

  • If you’d like something signed to you, personally (or to a loved one … hey, the holidays are just over the horizon there, aren’t they?), you can order such a book through the University Book Store.

  • Regarding electronic editions of Boneshaker — you can find the book here on the Kindle or via this listing at Diesel E-Books. This is literally all the information on the subject I have at my disposal.

  • If you are a local (or even local-ish) bookseller and you’d like to get your stock signed, drop me an email at – and I’ll be glad to talk about coming to your store. It might take me a day or two depending on my work load and your location, but I’m always happy to accommodate you if at all possible.

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