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June 15, 2010 - 5:25 pm No Comments

Via my marvelous agent – it’s finally announceable: We’ve reached an agreement with Tor for two more Clockwork Century books to follow up Boneshaker and this fall’s Dreadnought!

Tentatively they shall be Ganymede (2011) and Inexplicable (2012), and I shall be over here doing the happy book sale bootydance! (Not such a dignified display, really, but a very enthusiastic one all the same.)

(I’ll be back to post a few details regarding these upcoming titles … but not until this evening or tomorrow. I have a busy day lined up.)

But wait, there’s more!

Subterranean Press – producers of the Clementine – will be re-releasing that same book next year in trade paperback form! This is great news because the gorgeous upcoming hardback (available within the next few weeks) is being offered in a fairly small run. In fact, the limited edition has already sold out – so if you want to guarantee yourself a hardback copy, there’s no time like the present to preorder it.

But if it does sell out in preorders, or if you can’t afford the hardback and you’re the patient sort … well, come spring it’ll be available once again. (And yes, I already asked. They’re totally keeping this cover art for the paperback run!)

[:: shakes it ::]
[:: shakes it ::]
[:: shakes it some more ::]

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