Clementine Update

July 19, 2010 - 6:04 pm No Comments

Via the publisher’s web page announcement – get one while you still can, because Clementine will be sold-out on publication.

“… [Subterranean] currently have orders for more copies than we can fill, so we’ll be forced to allocate quantities sent to our wholesale and large online retail accounts. We’ll leave the order page for Clementine up for a few more days, so you can lock in a copy by ordering direct, but once we actually start shipping the book, we’ll make it out of print in the store.”

In other words, get it while it’s hot – because precious few of these will ship to stores. And when these gorgeous hardbacks are gone, they’re gone for good.

Edited to add: IF YOU HAVE ALREADY PREORDERED from Subterranean Press, have no fear. Your books will be on their way shortly! If you preordered from a large retailer like Amazon, everything SHOULD be fine, but the publisher cannot guarantee it. FROM HERE ON OUT the only way to be dead sure you get a copy is to order directly from the publisher.

(However, if you were slow on the draw there is hope – for this book will be out in trade paperback next year. )

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