October 30, 2010 - 12:01 am No Comments

Originally I was slated to begin chatting at Questionland on November 1st, but like the City Arts piece said: Full Steam Ahead, yo. Therefore, starting tomorrow October 30th I will officially be taking … well … questions. They can be about anything, really, but I’m hypothetically there to talk about books and stuff.

So! Just click this Questionland link, or go to my website and poke at the handy-dandy widget I’ve tossed onto the right sidebar. POKE IT GENTLY.

So far as I know – and I might be wrong – you can start posting questions any time; but you might not get any replies until tomorrow. This is partly because I’m going to a Halloween party tonight, for I deserve ONE EVENING OFF after writing a 115,000 word book in about three months, yes I freaking do.

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